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We have the promise of a brilliant future and the success of young Latinos will ensure that we can fulfill that promise. But first, we must fix the systems and policies that are keeping this important population from entering the workforce educated, healthy, safe and ready to take on the challenges of the future. Our goal is to ensure that programs, initatives and policies address the complex set of interconnected issues facing young Latinos; which include the impact of poverty, immigration, and language barriers that affect family status, access to education, healthy and safe communities.


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A Healthy Plate Meets Choose

Car seat installation

In 2002, NLCI held a series of focus groups with Latino families to understand perceptions of nutrition and fitness. NLCI learned that some Latinos found the original food pyramid confusing. Traditionally, the top of the pyramid is the most important part yet the foods to be consumed in the smallest portions were at the top. NLCI transformed the pyramid into a plate, providing the information on food groups and recommended serving sizes in a ... Read More

National Latino Children's Institute (NLCI) is unveiling an update to its A Healthy Plate/El Plato Saludable Poster an important component to the Salsa, Sabor y Salud initiative, created in 2003.  This update merges the image of USDA's with the additional elements of NLCI's bilingual A Healthy Plate/El Plato Saludable Poster such as food group examples, recommended serving sizes and water intake amounts.


Latino Families May Face More Hunger and Food Insecurity Come Thanksgiving

One in three Latino children face hunger or food insecurity and may see more of it come thanksgiving. According to First Focus, starting November 1, 2013 a family of four receiving SNAP benefits (previously known as food stamps) could see $36 dollars less a month in food if 2009 increases to nutrition programs are not renewed and funded by Congress... Read More

Milagros Project & KIPP: Un Mundo Dual Language Academy

Luzdivina Lozano, Principal

We believe in the power of one and we believe in the power of love. In partnership with the Los Milagros project, schools around the country can use the power of love and empathy to raise awareness about the needs of other children in our country and around the world... Read More

Milagros Children Advocating for Children

Greater Cyber Bully Awareness For Children
Needed To Counter Hate

Josephine Garza

Two very public outpourings of hate are just the tip of the iceberg and demonstrate the insidious hate that is spread through social media in tweets, Facebook postings and even text messages. Children today can be exposed to many more instances of hate without being able to confront their attacker...Read More

Bring Rodrigo HomeImpact of Government Shutdown on LAYC

Lori Kaplan & Tony Marquez

There are times when difficult decisions need to be made and when the perspective must truly be on the marathon, rather than the sprint.

The reckless battle going on in Congress is impacting our services. But the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) Board of Directors and I are adamant that we cannot let the irresponsible behavior of our nation's "leaders" hurt our long term commitment to the youth and families we serve...Read More

Guardian Princess Alliance Transforms Princess Industry into Positive Change: Creates New Latina Princess

Guardian Princess Alliance

A new organization, the Guardian Princess Alliance (GPA), based in Los Angeles and Riverside, CA, has formed to positively transform the cultural meaning of the princess, placing racial, cultural and gender equality at the core of their mission. This group of educators, parents, professionals and artists has joined forces to create Princess Mariana as part of ...Read More



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