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Action Now! Summit Highlights and Perspectives Rita Jaramillo Olga Aros Hon. Beatriz Leyva-Culter Destiny Pereida Olivia Meza

Child & Family Network Centers: Jose, a success story

Meet Jose, age four, and a student at CFNC. He is the child of immigrants from El Salvador who have full-time jobs and (Read more)

Salsa, Sabor y Salud: New evaluation positive findings

The National Latino Children’s Institute (NLCI) received a grant from the Walmart Foundation to expand the healthy lifestyles program Salsa, Sabor y Salud (Read more)


Henry Santos Wins $50,000 prize for NLCI

Singer, songwriter, Henry Santos danced his way to a $50,000 cash prize donated to his charity of choice, NLCI. He was one of the ten celebrity contestants that appeared in the third season of Univision's hit reality show/dance competition "¡Mira Quién Baila!" (Look Who's Dancing!). (read more)


Speaking Out Against Child Labor in the U.S.

Many find it difficult to believe an estimated 300-400,000 American children work in U.S. agriculture legally. They work 10-14 hours days without protections afforded other children due to an exemption in the 1938 labor laws. Aside from the backbreaking work, the children face discrimination, a drop-out rate four times the (Read more)


Don’t Leave Them Behind

More than 40,000 educated and talented young people in Arizona are eligible to apply today for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). These young people are eager to become taxpayers, contribute to the community and our economy, and to realize their American Dream. 40,000 of Them are standing at the threshold ready to take action, regretfully, however many of Them (Read more)


Promesa Network: A Catalyst

The promise of a bright future, la promesa de un futuro brillante... It’s what we want for all children, yet it’s out of reach for so many young Latinos. While demographics weave a tale of woe, every day young Latinos defy the odds. Across the country, organizations and individuals are building Read more


UPDATE: Winners Announced

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children post contest winners from Rochester, NY, Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ (Read more)


2013 Spring Calendar

For December 2012 to April 2013. National Mentoring Month, Nutrition Month, Human Trafficking Awareness, El Día de los Niños and more


Grants & Opportunities

Featuring 26 national and regional grants available for organizations in Advocacy, Arts, Education Community Development, Education, and Health ...Read more

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