The Program

Ay Chispas is a phrase that can be heard when someone drops something or is excited, or when something has gone wrong. Chispas literally means sparks, thereby creating a fun name for a program about a serious topic.

The messages for the Ay Chispas program are very simple:

  • Most fires are preventable
  • Everyone can learn what to do to keep their family safe.
  • Everyone has to know what to do.

Ay Chispas is designed for community organizations and schools serving parents and families with children ages 8 and under. The campaign’s activities invite Latino families to participate and to partner with others in keeping children safe. Everyone has a role to play—child care providers, medical practitioners, the clergy, businesspeople, teachers, public servants, the media—in ensuring that children grow up safe. Only by involving the whole community and working together can a reduction in home fires become a reality.

This program is sponsored by Nationwide.



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